A Day on the Farm

The farm is a wonderful place for children to learn about life and where their food comes from. Today I am going to share just one day on the farm with our little Princess Gracie.

The day started early with feeding the calves , Gracie loves to help as we give them their milk and grain she enjoys patting them while they feed.

Then there was the shearing. This morning one of the ewes waiting to be shorn gave birth to twin lambs. Gracie played with them in the shearing shed.  

A multicultural Shearing Team.

The men were from New Zealand and the women from Estonia and Balarus

A picture tells a thousand words they say so I do not need to write more about these except to say that 3 year old Gracie  loves being with the animals.

We gave the Shearers their morning tea then proceeded down the paddock to the harvesters.  Gracies father was driving the tractor which was raking the hay the other worker was driving the tractor with the baler to compress the grass into round bales to conserve for a later time.

Gracie rides in the tractor with her dad and Gracie stands atop a hay bale. 







The day is not over yet, its time to have some kid fun now.

This is an old ride on lawn mower with the cutting platform removed.  The kids take turns at driving, until the fuel runs out.  The lawn mower cost only $50 but it has provided hours of fun for the children.

You may not live on a farm but I know there are many farmers who would love to have you visit and bring the children to learn about and experience farm life.

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