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DIY Christmas Home Decorating Ideas

Christmas  is a wonderful time for families to work together to decorate the home, trim the tree, prepare the food, do the Christmas shopping and then finally to celebrate together. We will look at some home decorating ideas you can do with your family at Christmas.

Decorating Outside the Home.

Some families go to an amazing amount of effort to make their home the most highly decorated in the street.

This can bring a lot of fun rivalry between neighbors and can draw a steady stream of tourists to the street to view the decorations.  I came across the following Picture on Facebook and thought it to be very appropriate for this space.

The over indulgence in expensive lighting and decorations is a distraction from the real meaning of Christmas which was to celebrate the birth of Jesus as the Saviour of the world . He came as Gods solution for mans sinfulness and right from the beginning it was part of Gods plan to provide a way for people to be able to enjoy a right relationship with God. God required atonement for sin and Jesus came to be that atonement.

However whatever your beliefs or feelings on the issue of decorating it is a fun activity which can be enjoyed by all and even if you are not into doing it yourself it can make for a wonderful night out going for a drive to see what other people have done in the area.

The children and parents can draw up a plan of what they would like it to look like. Perhaps each child could design a particular part of the building or garden or it could be worked on together.  If it is too expensive for one year it could be split up and added to in consequent years.

Here are some ideas to use for your home decoration.


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If you would like to see more ideas click on the link below.

Deck the House


Decorating  Inside the Home

Inside the home the center piece has o be the Christmas tree where all the presents will be placed after wrapping.

I like a specially grown Christmas tree but my hubby likes to choose one from the farm . He goes out each year and brings in a tree about 15 feet tall. We have 20 foot ceilings in our main room but I still have to bring in a ladder to decorate the tree. The commercial trees are only about 6 foot tall and they are very symmetrical and dense making them easy to decorate and it is not difficult to put the star on the top, no need for a ladder.

Children love to assist with the task of trimming the tree for Christmas.  It does not have to be a work of art and all very uniform as in the picture  to the left. It needs to be a work of creativity and love engaging the children in a cooperative act they will remember throughout their lives. 


Christmas should be a time of coming together, doing things together and enjoying every aspect of the preparation for and celebration of the season. Engage the children as much as you can and Christmas will be remembered as the best family time of their lives.

The children could be busy making the decorations from pine nuts and card board cut outs which they can paint and tie on the tree.

I have mentioned on another page how to make a Wreath to hang on the door :  See here

My family always liked to wrap the presents in their own private space so brothers and sisters did not see what they were going to get, but we did make our own gift cards and sometimes our own wrapping paper.

Here is an idea for marbling paper.


After the celebrations comes the mammoth task of taking down all the decorations and packing them away for another year. This too can be made into a fun family activity.

Please leave your comments or any helpful suggestions below.




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