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Why Elephants?

Elephants can make for a wonderful enchanting theme for a childs room.  They are larger than life but also lovable and cuddly.. All children love the hugeness and quirkiness of elephants. If you take them to the zoo, it will be one of the first things they will want to see. They have intrigued children and adults alike for generations. With an elephant theme you can create an environment that will fascinate your child from infant to teen.


What is it about elephants that makes them so likable?.

Elephants are likable not just because of their size and uniqueness but also because they share some similarities to people despite their larger than life size. They create social networks and work together in families. They care for their young  and celebrate with a trumpet call to the others with each new calf being born. The mother elephant will bathe her calf and protect it whenever it is faced with danger. They show empathy toward one another and also grief when one of the group dies. They will use their trunks to cool themselves in hot weather or if they are near a waterhole they will play in it, splashing around and squirting water over themselves and other elephants. Elephants make connections with people , they remember those who treat them well and they will also remember those who treat them badly.

They are intriguing to observe when in their natural environment but also in captivity if  given a good environment.

They have personality;

Elephants according to scientists researching them have personalities of their own. They have categorized them into 4 different personality groupings. Each have their own unique personalities within these 4 groups. This study was done on African elephants and it was realised that they have had to develop these personality traits to survive in the harsh environment in which they live.. They found that these personalities play a key role in how successful the family is and how they cope with threats such as weather events such as floods or droughts and predators. It was also seen that there are similarities between how elephants deal with family crisis and survive and how we as humans deal with challenging situations.

  • The Leaders: The leaders are not usually the strongest or most dominant but the most intelligent and creative in problem solving. They have earned the respect of the rest of the herd and will be followed.
  • The gentle giants are those that appear to enjoy just rubbing up against each other and being close as friends
  • The playful rogues are usually the younger ones but sometimes they will remain playful to a mature age.
  • The reliable plodders tended to be the more reliable and consistent. They would help care for the young and be able to remain calm and decisive when faced with a threat.

They are bigger than all other land animals

Elephants are the largest land animals on Earth. They have peculiar long noses, or trunks; large.They have floppy ears; and big chunky legs. There are two different  species of elephant, the Asian elephant and the African elephant  each with their own  uniqueness.  African elephants are the larger of the two species.  growing from 2.5 to 4 meters from shoulder to toe and weighing from 2,268 to 6,350 kilograms, according to the National Geographic.

Facts About Elephants | African Elephants & Asian ElephantsCredit: Elephant image Shutterstock

They Resonate with a connection to the dinosaur age which also intrigues children

Because of their large size they are often grouped into the almost prehistoric animals or dinosaurs.which seem to captivate the imaginations of children everywhere. More bout their evolution from early times can be seen on Wikipedia.

Many childrens’ films have been made connecting dinosaurs and elephants which feeds the curiousity and intrigue.


I have only looked at elephants briefly as an animal species but my purpose was just to give you my reader a reason for considering elephants as a great them for parts of your home. You can incorporate a little elephant decor throughout the home or just dedicate one room to having an elephant theme.  Whatever you decide there are loads of elephant decor ideas for you to choose from. .

Have some fun with your family this year. Take the kids to the zoo to see the elephants, learn ll you can about them  and contribute to their ongoing survival  by supporting  funds such as the WWF which aims to secure funding to support animals at risk of extinction.

Things to do

  • Decorate a room with an elephant theme; Visit    just-elephants.com
  • Go to the library and find books about elephants, read them together.
  • Collect as much information about elephants as you can and build your own story telling where they live, what they eat, how long do they live
  • Make a list of good elephant jokes just for fun.
  • Make some elephants with play doh or clay and decorate them.
  • Paint some pictures of elephants, be creative and decorate their bodies with bright colors and beads or tiles.
  • Buy an elephant bag and fill it with some elephant books.
  • Make up a play about elephants and share with friends.
  • Make some elephant shaped cookies  and decorate.
  • Allow children to play outside with the hose and pretend they have a trunk.

This is my 1 year old great grand son having fun with the hose, I just had to put this in because this site is about families having fun.  He is having so much fun with the hose. and he is only just 1 year old

Don’t forget:  You can find some wonderful items to use to decorate your childs’ room after a memorable trip to the zoo.


Elephant decor

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