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Family Fun Things to do

Looking for even more family fun things to do?

On this page I have put together a few more suggestions of family fun things to do with your gang. You will need to adjust them according to the ages of the children but do involve them in the decision making.

Kids love being given some responsibility and recognition of their value as contributors to the dynamics of creating a happy, healthy, fun family.

Take time to listen to their ideas and validate them.

Go camping in the bush:

Get the kids to help make a list of what will be needed for a weekend camping.

Tent, sleeping bags , cooking equipment, mosquito repellent, first aid kit, fishing lines, food.

Have a family discussion about where they would like to go.  Allocate tasks to each member of the family.

Check the weather forecast  a couple of days ahead of the planned trip.

Buy some marshmallows or chestnuts for toasting in the campfire.

Pack some games such as a cricket set or basketball and some playing cards in case it rains.

Plan to have a lot of fun and bonding time together as a family



Family Concert:

When our kids were young they would simply love to work together to put on a concert to entertain the adults. The kids would spend all day working out their concert,  they would choose a compere and make a list of the various acts that would be performed, then they would find the costumes they needed and practice their program.

They would set up the lounge room ready for their concert with seating in place and a stage area.

Grand daughter dressed up ready to entertain

We would invite  some friends  or extended family for supper and to be part of the concert audience.

Kids naturally love to dress up and pretend to be someone else and to be the center of attention.

The audience would applaud enthusiastically and the kids confidence would get a big boost.

After the concert and all the speeches  the children can serve the supper to the guests and thank them for coming to their concert.

The whole family will enjoy this activity and there will be lots of laughs and some great photos.

Weekend  Spring Clean

Have an incentive ready for this one. Each member of the family must clean their own room.

When finished their will be points allocated by an outside member for the tidiest room.

Prepare a checklist of tasks such as:   make bed, pack away toys and books, pick up clothing and put in cupboard, line up shoes in cupboard, vacuum the carpet, clean the window,

The person who has the tidiest room gets to choose a movie for the family to watch together.

Make some pop corn to share while watching the movie.



Build an Outdoor Cubby House.

Kids love to create. Yes you build a fancy cubby house but the kids will tire of it fairly soon. My experience is the kids like to build their own with whatever materials they can find.

Boxes, pieces of timber, old carpet, rugs , they will find the things they need. t may look unsightly for a day or two but the children will have had a very creative and fun time searching for the materials and putting them together in some semblance of a cubby house.

When they have finished, join them for a little snack and drink inside their creation.                                

Family Olympics

Go to the local park and organise a family sports day with some friends.

Running  races, three legged races, egg and spoon races, , obstacle races, sack races and potato races.

You will need some:

  •  stockings to tie legs together for the 3 legged race.
  •  boiled eggs and spoons for the egg and spoon race.
  •  hessian bags for the sack race.
  •  potatoes and buckets for the potato race.
  • box to climb over, hoop to climb through, rug to crawl under, tree to run around for the obstacle race.
  • prizes for each race, ensure each member wins one race if possible.


These are just a few more family fun things to do. You might have some more ideas you could leave in the comments below.
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