Hi and welcome to my site. I am a Mum, a grand mum and a great grand mum. I was also a teacher and I ran an accommodation business. The Lodge burnt down and I was not going to lie down and do nothing so  when I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate I decided I would have a crack at building an online business. In just 3 months I have built 5 websites and 3 shops. WA has enabled me to share some of the things I feel passionate about and earn an income from them.

I built this site because I am concerned for the breakdown of family relationships and  thought we need to do something to address this. Therefore we will look at many different family fun activities to keep your family together throughout the year.

Families that play together stay together,

While you decorate your home you can have fun with your kids, make them part of it include them in decision making and make learning fun and  fun will be learning.

When you dig your  garden you can involve your family. Give each member a plot to take care of. Allocate a time each week for spending in the garden.

Baking can be another family activity where children get involved, learning how to cook then to interact socially as they share there cooking.

Image result for quotes for families  For a family to be happy and to want to stay together takes work and creativeness. I hope in this website that you will be inspired to make your family’s house a happy home.

Unfortunately too many families want to have the big house with all the whizz bang gadgets and beautiful furniture  and to achieve this their focus is on working long hours to be able to afford such possessions. In so doing, quality family time is sacrificed and tensions begin to rise. The parents begin to argue, children will be snapped at and the eventual outcome is another broken family. We need to tun that around and work together to make it work. Live more simply and be happy with what you can afford.

I hope that this site will provide a platform where you can find ideas lots of family fun activities and share those ideas for others to learn from. The family is the basis of our society and the current climate is destroying the very fabric of  it.

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We may not be able to save all families from breaking up but we may save a few, just by giving a little encouragement at the right time. Sometimes to move apart is the only sensible option, but what I notice today is that few people are willing to really work at their relationships.

The family break up hurts so many people, firstly the children, then the parents and then wider family, grand parents,  relatives and friends. Lets encourage families to try and work their way through and out of the rough patches before walking away. It will be character building for everyone and well worth the effort in the end.

Real love is not transient or conditional. Real love is commitment and always.

Enjoy your family, love them and have fun with them, you can’t go back and do it all again.


Below is a link to Wealthy Affiliate. If you would like to build your own online business I can honestly recommend WA. The lessons are easy to follow and the community in WA is always willing and ready to help when you need it.

Its a great way for young mums to be able to stay at home with their children and build a business which will bring in some extra money to help the family budget, maybe  buy a an annual family holiday. The teenage members of the family could do this too and earn themselves a little pocket money. It is important though that a set amount of time is allocated to this and family time is not compromised.

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