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How to Build Self Confidence in Your Children

The end of year brings with it many opportunities to view and enjoy your children’s achievements through the year.  It is imperative that the family attends together wherever it is humanly possible if you want to build self confidence in your children. They need an audience to appreciate them and value their talents. As parents we can encourage this by allowing them to dress up and entertain us at home or go along to their school and community functions to applaud and acknowledge them.

The Festive Season and End of Year Celebrations

The festive season is made more hectic with all the events that you feel you should go to and if you have a young family or grand children who will be performing in end of year concerts, graduations or  any other function which recognizes their participation and contribution, you should go along as a family. It is fun to see what your kids or grand kids have been doing and encourage them by attending for their moment of glory.

The Ballet Concert

My little grand daughter is just 3 years old and  is visiting from the Philippines for the Summer holidays. The local ballet classes were holding an end of year concert in town to show off all the skills they had gained throughout the year. It was great to see so many dads at the concert because ballet is not every guys idea of enjoyment

Gracie desperately wanted to be part of the program and placed herself strategically near the stage poised ready to dance. She has never had a lesson and was not invited to perform so when we arrived home we gave her the chance to perform for the family. I put some ribbons on some sticks , turned on the CD player with whatever was in it and placed her on the billiard table to dance for us.

There was no rehearsal, no previous dance lessons and no chance to even listen to the music before she started but the result surprised us all. Gracie danced as if she had been learning all her life and to prove it I have included a video clip for you to see.

Building Self Confidence.

It is good for building their confidence and belief in themselves which will give them an edge as they grow and face the world. If you don’t believe in your kids and encourage them they will struggle to believe in themselves and all of life will be challenging.

Your children will love that you attend their special functions whether it be a Presentation Night from the School or a Sporting Presentation Night or a Gymnastics , or Dance concert, you must be there, absolutely no excuses. Some self sacrifice might be necessary but it will pay big dividends

Affirmation or Emotional Neglect

They may not remember what happened on the night but they will always remember if you were not there. It will leave a deep wound in their hearts and minds which may never heal.

Because this site is about Families doing things together, I felt I should really emphasize this.

I would be so bold as to say that if you do not attend these events for your kids then you are guilty of emotional neglect. They need you there. They need that affirmation first from the family, the people they love most.

Be Proud of Your Kids and They Will be Proud of You. 

If you show a genuine interest in your children’s  development and do your very best to be there when they need your affirmation and applause, they will be proud of you as their parents and your relationship will have a better chance of remaining in tact.  The other outcome is that they will grow up with a real sense of self worth and confidence which will  assist them in their own personal relationships and when they join the work force.

Children need your applause and affirmation to grow their own personalities and be able to confidently use their God given talents.  It is best if the whole family be there together so they each develop an appreciation of the other members of family and encourage each other.

I would love if you could share some of your children’s achievements and tell me how proud it made you feel. 

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    • Dr. Misty Baker
    • December 20, 2017

    I LOVE this article! Thank you for bringing more awareness to this situation!

    With so many people trying to juggle work, cleaning your household and getting kiddos to the places they need to be, it is so easy to forget the things that can have such a large impact on your children.

    When I am tired, I always think to myself… What will really matter in 20 years? Will my kids remember having a spotless house OR will they remember the quality time we spent together?

    Thanks again for this article. It is very well written AND your grand is just as precious as she can be!

      • admin
      • December 20, 2017

      Thank you Dr Misty Baker, and yes you are right, they will remember the time you spent together, a messy house or unironed clothes will not have any significance in comparison. It is the same with the people aroud you, they need to know you are genuine and you make them feel valued. 

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