Kids Killing it in Business

The internet has made it possible for people of all ages to run a profitable business. I have come across many people in their 70s and 80s doing well so I thought I would take a look at the other end of the spectrum, the kids’.

I was amazed by the different ideas kids have come up with and how with a little help from their Mums and or Dads they have become a sensation on the internet with successful and profitable businesses. Some of these kids’ are making 6 figure incomes every month.

Kids have big imaginations and we need to listen to them and embrace them as parents and grand parents. You just never know there might be a brilliant new entrepreneurial idea birthing in the child s mind that just might need a little encouragement to become a reality.

In this post I am going to take a look at the brilliant ideas five kids’ have come up with. . These are just a sample of all the kids’ who are making it big and earning more than most of could dream of.

1. From Hot Chocolate to Chocolate Chips : 10 Year old CEO

A young 6 year old boy from Englewood New Jersey declared he was tired of traveling on the bus to go to school and wanted to buy a car. His mum was a single mum and encouraged him with his idea to make some money so that he could save up for a car to go to college.

So with that first idea he started selling hot chocolate to raise some money. His mum realized by his dedication to the task that he was serious in his ambition and determined to succeed. She spent some months learning how to make cookies for Cory to sell with his hot chocolate. They hit upon a couple of recipes which they considered to be perfect in taste and goodness and began marketing them.

It was not long before Mr Corys Cookies became a household name and his cookies were being sold through several major outlets. With a young kid named Cory Nieves as the CEO of the business.

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2. Sneaking up the Corporate Ladder at 16 years of age.

Sneaker Don is the brainchild of a middle school kid from Miami. His name is Benjamin Kapelushnik. Trendy sneakers were the coveted in his school and when his mum finally bought him a cool pair of sneakers, one of his friends asked to buy them. He sold them at a profit, got his mum to buy some more and from there he realized he could make a business of buying and selling awesome sneakers that would be in hot demand. .

He is now one of the top re sellers in the country, selling to the high end market and big names in sport and rapping. Ben is now 18 years old and turning over more than most of s could even dream about.

Ben now has four full time employees and he is living up to his motto ” Business is Boomin. ” Below is a screenshot of a small sample of his shoes.


3. Speaker, Writer, Teacher,  Activist and more.

Adora Svitak is a force to be reckoned with. Adora was born in Oregon in 1997, she has been actively pursuing and expressing her voice through the written and spoken word since a very young age. You can listen to her speak on Teds Talks where she has received more than 3 million views. She has been engaged teaching teachers and students around the globe through her books, blogs and lectures.

Adoras list of achievements through her very young life exceeds most people in a lifetime as a writer, public speaker, and an activist and she has received a long list of awards over her young life. She has also been a strong voice for feminism and is called upon to speak on many occasions.

4. Trip Adviser says No! Bella is not Tipped Over

Bella Tipping   As a 12 year old traveler to the United States Bella decided she would like to write a review on Trip Adviser. Trip Adviser would not accept her review because of her young age and so she decided to go to the internet and start her own blog.and travel site. https://kidzcationz.com/blog/. It was not long before this young writers work began to be noticed as she wrote about her experiences of traveling as a kid. She objected to kids’ being treated differently to adults, by being given fold out beds and compromised meals in hotels where she stayed.

Bella has made her mark as an entrepreneur and app developer and an activist for better recognition and treatment of kids’. In her words she declared ”

I want to change the way kids’ travel. I want restaurant owners to look beyond the chicken nuggets and chips on the kids’ menu and to make sure there venue is fun for all ages.”

Bella has over 5000 instagram followers not to mention her followers on Twitter and Facebook.

5 Young App Developer Impresses Yahoo and Earns $30m

Nick D’Aloisio as a young 15 year English School boy built an app which summarizes news items in his spare time and Yahoo bought the app known as Summly for a cool $30,000,000 . He is currently studying at Oxford University and I doubt he will have any trouble paying his university fees.

He works as an internet entrepreneur, computer programmer and a philosopher.

Nick is known as the youngest person to receive venture capital to develop his business.

Among the many awards and acknowledgments he has received Nick was awarded the Spirit of London .



Nurture your kids’ and encourage them to think big.

Listen to their ideas and encourage them to live their dreams.

Respect their intelligence and uniqueness.

Success is not limited to a few middle-aged entrepreneurs. Older people can achieve and so to can the very young.

As adults it is our responsibility to provide the environment in which our kids’ can develop all their God given talents and encourage them to be the best they can be.






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    • sanjay
    • October 16, 2018

    I agree with you completely. Internet provides excellent platform to earn for everyone. Kids love to spend time online and they can absolutely can make huge carrer before even completing their school. Thanks for sharing those example. I wish could do that when I was a kid. But it also need talent and hardwork that these guys have.

      • admin
      • October 16, 2018

      Its like second nature to the kids , they have grown up with the internet. It is really amazing what some kids can achieve.  Perhaps we need kid mentors. 

      Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    • ericliboiron
    • October 16, 2018

    Hi There, 

    i just see your site  Families have fun. It is really amazing and beautifully written. Then i read your article on kids killing it in Business that is really wonderful. The stories are really interesting. Brilliant kids are these with great ideas. Every story is amazing. i really like reading this all.


      • admin
      • October 16, 2018

      Thank you Eric. This was only snippets of their stories.  You can check them out on Google. There are many more kids doing really well online too.

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my post.

    • ches
    • October 16, 2018

    What an uplifting article on the merits and ideas of young entrepreneurs. I’m sure us adults could find some worth in this post because we don’t listen enough to our youngsters. Many of them have some ‘out of the box’ ideas. Many are making it at such an early age.

    These 5 examples of successful ideas coming from children and young adults, gladdens the heart and I hope many young people will read your article. I’ve also taken note of your 5 conclusions and will be looking to them when I next encourage and embolden my grandchildren. Great enlightening post!

      • admin
      • October 16, 2018

      Thank you Ches. There are quite a lot of kids who are killing it online. I just picked 5  and I agree they are all an encouragement to us oldies. I think if kids so young as some of these can do it then so can we.

      I am a great gran now second gg child due in  3 weeks.

    • Guillermo
    • October 16, 2018

    I find this very interesting, as you said in the conclusion of this topic, kids can contribute a lot to our society, also this is a good article to share with our children to open their imagination and show them that they are capable of achieving many things in life.

      • admin
      • October 16, 2018

      Thank you Guillermo for your comment. Do you have kids of your own? I believe the best time to develop a childs brain is in those very early years up to 7 years of age. They seem to soak up so much in that time so it is critical that they are stimulated in those early formative years. .

      Of course not all children will have the capacity to achieve like these children but as adults we need to cultivate and nurture their learning experiences. 

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