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Local Community Engagement.

Discover your Local Community.

Immersing yourself in the local community is a great way to meet with new people and for your children to interact with other children.  Check out the Local community in your area. You might be surprised at how many activities are provided for families to come together and have some fun.

The Local Churches

This morning I went with my great grand son to a program being run by one of the local churches.

There were 42  children all preschoolers having a wonderful time together.  The program called Mainly Music is run throughout the year on a weekly basis. There are a team of helpers from the church community who organise and run the program with incredible enthusiasm.  The mums or dads  stay too so they also get to meet each other and make new friends.

This was a great example of how a church can fill a niche in the local community.  Out side the church they had a pen full of baby animals for the children to enjoy and in the main church  the pews were moved and jumping castles put in..


These are all pictures of some of the activities being provided by the local church .

The kids were all engaged in the fun and the adults appeared to be enjoying the time too.

The Scouting Movement

One of my grand sons started in Joeys and then went on to cubs and scouts and now he is very involved in leadership  as a Venturer. Scouting is a world wide movement for children across a broad range of ages and gives them some valuable  training to equip them throughout their lives. As a scout he traveled to New Zealand and Switzerland  to jamborees and now as a Venturer he is going to Mongolia.

Image may contain: 3 people                                              Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, mountain, sky, outdoor and nature

These photos are of my grandson receiving an award and in Switzerland.

Local Sporting Clubs

Football is big in Australia and kids start at a very young age by joining  Aus Kick . This is a program teaching young children ball handling skills and team work  and preparing them for the more serious game of football for when they  are old enough.  Boys and girls can both play footy and be involved in Aus kick.

Here is a short clip about Auskick

Other Sporting Groups such as Junior tennis , netball, basketball and swimming clubs are also available in most areas.  Kids and parents can be involved from the early years of development right through till they are grown up.  Along side each of the sporting clubs is usually a strong social community where the parents can meet with each other and  get involved in their local community.

Another really good program for young children to be involved in is Little Athletics or little aths as it is known here. This provides kids with training in track and field events and caters for children up to 16 years of age.  You can see their website here  Little Aths

Creative or Performing Arts.

Most communities have some form of creative or performing arts such as ballet, tap dancing calisthenics and drama. If your child has potential in performing arts then see what is available around where you live.

Image may contain: 1 personI have a grand daughter who has done extremely well in many different dance forms and has won numerous awards.

This is a photo of her now. She has danced her way to center stage  and will continue to do well because her parents have allowed her to pursue her passion.  She has won scholarships to a performing arts school where she can finish her regular schooling as well as continue to focus on her dance.

Local Libraries:

Many local libraries run a story time for young children where  they are presented with often the latest in children’s literature by a volunteer or qualified librarian.  Often they will also invite the author along to talk about his or her books to the children.  In our local town we have the well known children’s author, Alison Lester who has a shop in town where she displays and sells the books she has written and prints of the art work that go with the books.  Take a look at the link and see some of her work.       Alison Lester

Other Community Activities

Other organisations such as the Racing Club will have occasional family days where they provide lots of fun activities for families and children especially to enjoy. You need to check the local paper to see what is on in your town.

The local Shire also run school holiday programs where they will work alongside conservation  and national park groups to teach children about the environment and wildlife in the area.

What I have tried to establish on this page is to show that there are many many ways you can have fun with your family.

Get involved in and contribute to your local community and you will be surprised at all the benefits for you and your kids.

I hope you have found this page helpful for you and  your family. If you have then I would just love to hear from you so please leave me some feedback.

Above all else, enjoy your time with your family because it can be over so soon.

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    • shrey
    • December 13, 2017

    The group activities at the church actually look like a lot of fun. This is definitely one of the things I did not look at, I mean never thought about local community engagement, I guess that is what happens when we focus more on social media.
    This post was a good read and reminds us to be in the present rather than just being involved on Instagram or any other social media platforms.

      • admin
      • December 13, 2017

      Hi Shrey, You know when I was growing up obesity in children was very rare, now it is so commonplace it is a real social concern. We need to get kids away from the i phones and tablets and engage with each other in the real sense of the word, not on facebook or snapchat. Have you seen the video by Gary Turk called Look Up?

      Go to Youtube and watch it. I think if we don’t do something to address this problem the current generation of kids wot live past 50. 

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