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Mothers Day: Some Thoughts for Mothers.

Mothers are Valued

Its Mothers Day this Sunday.  A day set aside to reflect on our mothers, what they mean to us and what we have learned from them.

This is a day when mum usually gets a little well deserved spoiling, starting with breakfast in bed lovingly prepared by the children.

Mothers roles have been revered and honored in many cultures . In modern society the men are playing a much bigger role in raising the children and so the austerity attributed to the mother has waned somewhat and  being seen more as a joint and equal role of one of the parents.

The pictures below reflect the thoughts of various people over time but they are perpetual thoughts,  still relevant in describing mothers of today.




If you are a mother and you are nurturing young children to grow to be responsible adults, you have one of lifes highest callings.  Its a tough role, a very responsible role but also a very rewarding one. You are raising our future leaders, doctors lawyers and teachers. You are raising the future of our society. Your role is one of the highest callings but the lowest paid in monetary terms.

You deserve to be recognized and honored for the commitment you have made and the sacrifice of your own needs in preference for theirs.

You will experience disappointment and moments of great pride.

You will know fear and confidence. You will feel anxious for your ill child but enjoy their liveliness when they are well.

You may experience deep sorrow and incredible joy.

The range of emotions and feelings you will experience as a mother are wide ranging but in the end it is all worth every single minute.

You will always be a mother to the children you give birth to, even when they become adults and parents themselves.

Feel proud, hold your head high and give it your best but remember to take care of yourself too.

You need to ensure you get breaks and adequate sleep and a little self pampering now and then, If you are not feeling on top it will pass on to your children. It will affect the whole family so take time to look after you, this is vitally important, a worn out unhappy and frazzled mum is no good to anyone.


I would love it if you could share some stories about your mother and what she means to you.

I have loved being a mother, now a grand mother and a great grandmother. I am incredibly proud of all of my children and grand children.

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    • Chris
    • July 2, 2018

    Hi Judy, thank you for this beautifully written post. I am a dad and I couldn’t agree more: Being a parent is challenging, yet THE most rewarding job I ever had!

    Even though I am a stay at home dad and my wife and I see our role in raising our son pretty “equal”, I have to admit that the connection between a mom and her kid will always be one very special. One that we as dads have to respect and can only admire!

    Much respect and love to all you moms out there. Enjoy mothers day! You earned it!!! 🙂


      • admin
      • July 3, 2018

      Hi Chris and thank you for your comment . I think dads are really important too. Most modern dads do share the responsibility of raising a family together.  Kids need their dads for security and strength and as a leveler bringing balance in the family. They need to know the strength of dads arms around them when things get tough and he can be the best role model especially during the turbulent teen years. 

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