Teach children the true meaning of Christmas

Why Not Make Someone Else Happy? The True Meaning of Christmas

Create a project with your family aimed at helping others less fortunate and teach your children the true meaning of Christmas This will teach your children the joy of giving and help them to be more empathetic toward others. I was really inspired by a young 12 year old boy who makes teddy bears for […]

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Christmas wreath

Let’s Make Our Own Christmas Gifts

Saving Tips for Christmas Cheer. Christmas comes around so quickly every year and it is always a time when finances are under strain. What with all the pre Christmas parties, then the Christmas cooking and all the cards and gifts that are bought. You need bucket loads of money. But we can lessen the strain […]

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sack race

Family Fun Things to do

Looking for even more family fun things to do? On this page I have put together a few more suggestions of family fun things to do with your gang. You will need to adjust them according to the ages of the children but do involve them in the decision making. Kids love being given some […]

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Best Family Board Games

Turn Off the Screen and Play Together. How many family homes do you enter these days where the kids will be totally immersed in computer games? This is not bad sometimes but too much time is given over to games where the kids enter a virtual world and spend hours on a screen pushing buttons […]

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Families Have Fun Playing Together

Families Have Fun

There are so many ways a family can get together and have fun, enjoy each others company and strengthen relationships.

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