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A Hot Day at the Beach

Slip, Slop, Slap for a hot day  at the beach:

Today it is a scorching 41 degrees outside. Its one of those days when you

Fun at The Beach
Having Fun at The Beach

just want to wilt. But Aussies love the beach and that’s where everyone is headed today. They all head off to spend a hot day at the beach.

We have a slip slop slap policy when we go out in the hot summer sun.

Slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat. This was one of the most successful campaigns promoting safety in the sun and reducing the risk of skin cancers.

My family have just headed out to the beach and as they left they all stopped at the back door to slap on some sunscreen. We keep a large bottle by the back door so that anyone going out into the sun can be protected.

We have some amazingly beautiful beaches and on a hot day like today the beach is the nicest place to be but skin cancer is real and people need to be aware of the intensity of the sun and the damage it can do.

What do you Need to pack for a Hot Beach Day?

  • Shade, a beach umbrella if there is no shade at the beach you are visiting.
  • Water and plenty of it, dehydration can have serious consequences.
  • Sunscreen
  • hats for everyone
  • mosquito repellent
  • Towels
  • Food
  • beach balls and a cricket set
  • first aid kit

That seems a lot to pack for a day at the beach but it’s a good idea to keep a bag already equipped with all that is needed for a good, fun safe day at the beach.

Choosing which Beach to Visit?

The area where we live is so blessed with many different and all very beautiful beaches WE overlook the internationally renowned Wilsons Promontory with a number of different and exceptional beaches. We are also very close to Sandy Point, Waratah Bay and Walkerville beaches. These beaches are all on the South coast of Victoria and I have to say they are among the best, safest and most beautiful in the world. How doe we choose which beach to visit on any given day. et me tell you and the same reasoning would apply to any beach area. We determine the direction of the prevailing wind and choose a beach which will not see us battling with sand in our eyes and whipping around our legs. Our umbrellas and clothing will remain where we put it just by thinking about which direction the wind is blowing.

            Our local beaches

Things to do at the Beach

Depending on the age of the children the beach is a great place for a range of activities. For very young children building sand castles and decorating them with shells and sea weed is always fun. All that is required is a bucket and spade and lots of imagination. Our local beach has a sand castle building competition each year and children of all ages enjoy getting involved.

For the older kids it’s beach cricket or volley ball. The beach cricket requires a cricket set and a tennis ball. A cricket ball is too hard where there are other people around who may get hit. It also requires a bunch of people to form two teams and this provides a great way to interact with other people on the beach and perhaps make new friends.

Beach volleyball is a fun game for teenagers and adults to play together and again it is a great way to interact with others on the beach and form new friendships. For this game you need a volley ball and a net which can be secured in the sand. The court can be outlined with a stick or spade. , digging a line around the outside.

Other beach activities are the regular ones such as swimming and surfing or just lying in the sand with a good book.

The beach is always a fun day out for all the family but safety has to be a top priority.

Some Warnings

  • Never lose sight of your children. Disaster can strike at any moment if you let your guard down with young children. It only takes seconds for them to be swallowed up by the sea.if they are not competent in the water.
  • Be aware of the time being exposed to direct sunlight and ensure everyone is adequately protected. Severe sunburn can spoil a good day out and it may not be felt till the following day.
  • Watch out for bities such as mosquitoes, sand flies and march flies. Use insect repellent on exposed areas or the kids won’t sleep due to constant scratching throughout the night.
  • Be aware of everyone in your group and of your personal possessions, especially things like car keys and mobile phones, you will be needing them when you leave to go home.
  • Have fun, stay safe and slip, slop slap.

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